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Apr 2016 I have sold 2 times to SellBackYourBook and the payment and notification were on par with was is expected. I trust this site.
Mar 2016 Excellent company & service! I've sold multiple boxes of books & have always received the quoted buyback price. There are two companies I completely trust on & SellBackYourBook is one of them.
Mar 2016 An excellent experience, again. Received payment quick (within 2-3 weeks) and a check automatically shipped upon processing (you also have the option of Paypal as well

Very highly recommended. Always painless and quick cash besides
Mar 2016 Sold lots here, never a problem.
Feb 2016 Quick processong and paid as quoted. Definitely would use again.
Jan 2016 Best company! Great on everything, would use again!
Jan 2016 Prompt payment, easy to deal with customer support, great price, would use again!
Jan 2016 I have about 20 books to sell.....was wondering if you accept walk-ins....I'm about 30 miles away and can drive to you on a Saturday? Do you accept walk-ins? Thank you....Rick
Dec 2015 Quick payment, within the few weeks of shipment. I accidentally left off an item in my order, but it was no problem. Paid shipping. Received check immediately after books received on their part. I believe I received the odd email to confirm receipt of my order and order status as well, although I logged into my account with them to confirm. No worries!
Oct 2015 I have sold several orders to this company. I am alerted as soon as my package is received. The following day they process my order, and the next day I have my money. I have had to contact the company one time about a book and received a courteous professional response the same day. I would highly recommend this company.
Oct 2015 by far my favorite place to send books into. They communicate well without me having to contact them and i usually have money in my pp the next day after they recieve my books.
Sep 2015 I shipped one book they offered the highest resale on and was paid the quoted amount via PayPal within two days of them receiving the package.
Sep 2015 I have sold to Sellbackyourbooks twice now. Once in July and again in September. Both times I was paid what I was offered and a check was mailed within 1 day of receiving my order. They definitely don't pay well for the books but honestly none of these companies do unless the book is rare or really expensive and even then the prices aren't great. I would sell to them again in the future.
Sep 2015 It's been months since we sent our books to SellBackYourBook, and we have still not been paid. I have tried to contact them several times and I get no response, so I'm starting to think they basically stole the books. Go with another company.
Aug 2015 Glad I chose not to send back one of my books to this company. I was about to; placed my order, got the confirmation email (promptly), bought an envelope to send it back in, but realized I had entered the wrong PayPal account information when placing my sell-back order. Went back to my confirmation email to look for a "cancel order" option and found it strange that there wasn't one. Tried to call them, left a message, two days later and still no call back. Sent them an email about my issue, still nothing back. After reading mixed reviews, I decided not to send the book back after all. Hard to judge the quality of customer service when there is none, but I guess that speaks for itself. Seems shady, will not try to use this company ever again.
Aug 2015 Awful! I sent them my criminal law textbook in near perfect condition. I had bought the book new and used it for two months my sophmore year and it sat untouched in my garage for maybe a year. They offered me $27 so I sent it to them. A couple days later I recieved an email saying it was damaged and didnt meet their standards. They said if I didnt pay $3.99 to have it shipped back to me theyd recycle my book. I paid to get it back because the book is perfectly fine. Everyone I've asked agrees that the book is in nearly perfect condition. No markings, no rips, maybe a fold from a dog eared page thats it. Im extremely disappointed and hope no one ever does business with them!
Aug 2015 I have been paid the prices quoted consistently. As well, I am happy with the speed of payment.
Aug 2015 Sent an email that my books were received 7 business days ago but seem to be stalling on the payment part. I will use another vendor next time.
Jul 2015 Great! Every book I've sent to them they paid me the price it was quoted for.
Jun 2015 Great place to sell your books. Gave me the amount I was quoted for my books and paid me promptly. I would use them again. Very easy to use. Thanks.
Jun 2015 Extremely impressed! Only one week to get paid! Took all books!
Jun 2015 The payments was very quick and I did not have any issues. Would use again, highly recommend.
Apr 2015 I have been selling books to these guys for a number of years and have seen them go through many changes. I have generally been satisfied, although I think that the prices they offer for books are generally on the low side and recently they have been taking much too long to make payment for any book order.
Apr 2015 Sent them books and they notified me that they were only sending me 50% of the quoted buyback. No explanation as to why. Tried to contact them multiple times but could never reach a real person. Left messages, but never got a call back. What difference does a quote make if they pay whatever they want once they have your book and refuse to provide an explanation or even return your call? Won't do business with them again.
Feb 2015 I mailed my books to them and they gave me a quoted price and were to send the money to my associated paypal account. Weeks go by and I hadn't received pay. After multiple emails, they told me the check was sent to me and it would take 12 business days. Still have not received it and it is over a month later.
Feb 2015 Paid as they said they would, paid within days of receipt, no argument on condition, Sell Back originally said a book was missing, contacted me, I confirmed the book was sent, and they paid for it as agreed within a day.
Jan 2015 Submitted 18 orders to them over the past six months. Reliable, always get an email when the books are received. Usually processed and paid within a day at most after I get the email that they got the shipment. Very low minimum buyback of only $5. They take lots of theology/religion books that other vendors don't want. Within those 18 orders, I've only had them not pay for one book. They said it had water damage. I'm inclined to believe them and that I didn't check the book closely enough for damage before sending it in.
Jan 2015 I have been using this vendor for several years and never any problem. They always pay me what they say they will and quickly, too.
Jan 2015 Agreed w/below commentator 1000%. I have great experiences selling it to them for the past 2 years but lately they are trying to rip people off.
Just last week or so i sent a book in and they claimed it was NOT the ISBN that was listed on the book. I double and triple checked all my books before sending them out so it just can not be but you emailed it to them and they don't even bother to reply like humans do. Resend the same message we can not accept blab blab, basically telling you you have to spill out 3.99 to get your back or they will recycle it. How convenient for them. Unless I have no choice, they will definitely NOT be on my favorite list any longer if ever again. Thanks.
Jan 2015 Everything went well from beginning to end of transaction. Would definitely use again.
Jan 2015 Company was very deceptive. Sold back multiple books to them and when they received them they claimed that they couldn't accept them and wanted me to pay for them to ship them back. Ended up scamming a good amount of money from me. Will never do business with this buyer again.
Dec 2014 Sent a brand new shrinkwrapped book based on quote with the exact ISBN number exactly as described. Got a message that they weren't buying it after they received it.
Dec 2014 I normally use another site for books that I am reselling. I gave them a try because they were offering more money for a few of my books I wanted to sell. I am giving them 5 Stars, even though I had a problem (lost in the mail check) with payment. Why give them 5 Stars then? Because they took care of the problem and I was paid the quoted price after the fact, via paypal. When dealing with book buying companies, that is most important thing to me! Being able to send a email and get a response about my order from a real person is important! Customer service and getting paid is what it is all about! I will use them again! Thank you for the great customer service! Thumbs up!
Dec 2014 I got what was quoted and they were fast with the processing and payment to paypal. Will use them again.
Dec 2014 fast shipping and prompt processing and payment! Took less than 1 week!
Dec 2014 Shipped 3 books from TN on Friday Nov 28, 2014. On Wednesday Dec 3, 2014, I received email notification from SellBackYourBook that the books had been received in IL and that payment would be on its way as soon as the books had been inspected by a receiver. On Friday Dec 5, 2014, I received email notification from PayPal that SellBackYourBook had sent me $76.52, which was the full amount of their original offer.
Nov 2014 To date they have been satisfactory, though markedly slower than other companies with whom I have dealt. Still they paid me and the full amount, so no complaints in that vein.
Nov 2014 This company is great!
I have sent over 10 orders to them and I will continue to use them.
Every Transaction has been smooth, and easy with no problems.
Payments come fast, and always the quoted price.
I have even sent an order of 7 books with some in not perfect condition and got paid for every single one.
Honest, and Reliable company.
Nov 2014 Fantastic experience. Easiest, fastest, smoothest buyback experience i have had. Thank You !
Oct 2014 Have used twice without any problems. Fast pay and paid the full quoted amount each time. Will use again.
Oct 2014 This is the only company that ever gives me trouble. Rejecting books for the most trivial issues, most of which are non-existent. I've rented books from them for classes that are in WAY worse condition than the one they have rejected. I rent a book from them that had a little highlighting in it, sold it back, and it was rejected because of highlighting. Bunch of crooks. I'm surprised BookScouter even lets them advertise their prices when they have reject $20+ dollar books for minor imperfections. HELLO! Used Books are USED, you can't expect them in like-new condition. Don't waste your time, I know I won't ever again.
Oct 2014 Horrible. Company said that they never received my package of books, then when I checked the delivery confirmation and it confirmed that the package was delivered, they lied and said there was nothing in the box. Dishonest, DO NOT sell to them.
Sep 2014 Great company. The only drawback is you have to call them to get approval for more than one copy. They are hard to reach but keep trying. They are honest, fair and a very reputable firm. One of the best!
Aug 2014 I did not have any problems. At first I was worried because of all the negative reviews there are. The process was easy, and I was paid within a week and a half. I chose the PayPal option, which may have made the process quicker. Also My book was in good condition (not very good but good) and it still was accepted easily.
Aug 2014 Have been using this company for two years. I was surprised to see the negative feedback. Over these couple years, I've sent them 80 orders. Of those, five were rejected for various reasons. Always pays promptly. Will continue to use regularly.
Aug 2014 Very pleased with this company. They were easy to work with. I received a quote and a shipping label. After shipping the book, I received a notice that they had receive the book and I would be receiving a check within 7 to 14 days. I received the check within 4 days. I will use them again.
Aug 2014 I have used this company several times over the last year and have never had any problems, one check got lost in the mail and they replaced it with no problem. I blame USPS for that. Customer service through email is wonderful. I always recommend this company to family and friends.
Aug 2014 I have not had problems selling them books back in the past and the check came promptly. However, this last time I sent in books, they sent me an email claiming all books were water damaged and they could not sell them. After sending back an email stating that the weather may have caused it since it had been raining and they were in pristine condition when they left my house (and they were packaged well and in bubble wrap) they recanted their statement and said they were fine and they could sell them and they would issue me the money. It was weird.
Aug 2014 Do not use this company. They claim to lose books even when the books have been signed for by the warehouse. It took well over a month to get paid. The customer service department gives you the run around and keeps giving you a different dates that you will receive payment. Horrible experience.
Jul 2014 Use these folks at your own peril. I had a $34 buyback of which $21 was for a hardcover book of Henri Matisse's art. It was certainly not in perfect shape as is the case with most USED books, but it was certainly passable. SellBack disqualified the book and said they were going to 're-cycle' the book. Yeah, right!
Jul 2014 Overall a good experience. I had to make sure to track all large orders and that all books were paid. Be sure to check ISBN numbers and cross check packing slips. They do pay on a timely basis and this has been one to the better places to use to sell back books.
Jul 2014 Pleasant to deal with. Very fast payment.
Jun 2014 This company sent me one email saying they received my book. I waited over two weeks with no additional email communication before I emailed their help email. It took almost a week to get a response and I got a one line "Your book was in too rough a shape" email. The book was like new, with a CD attached (never even opened). I would not use this company again.
Jun 2014 Excellent customer service. The only company I have used that emailed me when my book was received and to let me know when I was paid. Very efficient. Will use again!
May 2014 Notable points:
- Has a low minimum (only $5 needed) for selling back your books to them.
- One of the faster vendors in notifying me when they received my book shipment, the processing, and then the fastest at sending my payment to PayPal.
- I received the full price of my original book quote.
- No hassle. Very easy transaction.

Good seller, fast communication, recommended.

My Details:
I sent two books to them, using their free USPS shipping label. This place was the quickest in receiving and processing my books and payment, of the three I used this semester. I was nervous using this vendor due to some bad reviews, so I only sent two books, totally a little over $6. I got my full quoted price, with no hassle. The process couldn't have been easier with this vendor. Recommended!
May 2014 Be careful about sending this company several books at once. I sent in seven textbooks and then they emailed me that one of my items was missing and that they had not received it. It was the book worth the most and it could possibly be a scam they try to run. After double checking that I no longer had the book, I sent them an email back stating that it was enclosed and they should find it. Without any apology or email back, I received the full amount via paypal, which included the amount for supposedly "missing" textbook. I strongly suggest you take a quick photo on the contents of the box if you are sending multiple items just so you without a doubt know every item in the box.