Since we began as a home-based enterprise in 1999 we have grown steadily thanks to our customers, yet retained that family style approach to doing business that we think is the real key to our success. We treat our staff like we would ourselves, and they in turn go the extra mile for customers like you.

Whether you're selling a used college textbook or need to buy a new or used college textbook at a great price, our friendly and experienced customer service team is committed to helping you every step of the way. Like answering your emails courteously and promptly, and making sure that when you call us, we provide you with the answers you're looking for. And ensuring that most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

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Oct 2015 They paid me top dollar for 2 used books which I sent in. It took a little over a week from the time I shipped the books until they deposited the funds in my PayPal account. Will use again and recommend.
Oct 2015 One of my favorite vendors. Easy, reasonable selection process, no unfounded rejections, and customer service is fast and friendly. Very consistent with payment and turn-around times. I only wish they offered higher prices on more things so I could justify selling to them all the time!
Oct 2015 Used Bookbyte for two books which they offered the highest buyback on. Although the USPS shipping took longer than other methods, I received the quoted amount via PayPal shortly after they received them.
Sep 2015 My book might be lost. They don't have tracking number for the package, and unable to tell the location of the package. The shipping label is weird, differ from the normal label, which might be the cause of this incident.
Sep 2015 I sent 3 books in and 9 Days later money was in my account. I was told when books were received and when the money was transferred. No issues. No problems at all. Excellent Service. Will use again.
Aug 2015 They are reliable and pay the prices quoted. Use paypal for the faster payment.
Aug 2015 Bookbyte is very, very, very slow with sending checks.
Bookbyte Response: It can take us 3-5 business days to inspect an order once it's received and to have a payment issued. The check for your order was mailed out within that timeframe to the address on your account. If you haven't received this check, please let us know.
May 2015 I tried this site for the first time because they offered me the most money for my book. The Sellback price was awesome. Sent my book through FedEx and received a check for the amount they quoted me a short 2 weeks later. I also received email updates when my book was received and the payment was sent. I was very very pleased and I will be using this service in the future!
May 2015 Have used them before. Using them again today. They do, sometimes take time to pay. You can check the status of your buyback at anytime on their site in your account. Don't understand why all these other people find the need to e-mail and call them for order status.
May 2015 Have used them twice, spread out over the past year. Both times, the process has been slower than other buyback sites, but have paid via paypal the amount quoted on both occasions. Will use as last resort when other sites aren't buying what I'm selling. Customer service was ok on both occasions, nothing to write home about although.
Apr 2015 I had a great experience selling a book here. I mailed a book and got the full amount quoted within 2 weeks.
Apr 2015 Their communication is pretty much non existent, at least in my experiences. Processing and payment have much longer turn around times than other companies. If I want to know the status of my order I have to online chat with customer service. With all that being said the orders I have sent to then I have always received my quoted price.
Apr 2015 A little slow on payment but paid full amount so I can live with that, will do business with them again.
Mar 2015 I sent a box for payment of books and I still have no payment after I already received payment from other companies that already received and processed the boxes.
Bookbyte Response: I apologize for the delay. Our records indicate the payment for your order was processed and mailed on 4/2/15. If you have not received it, please let us know.
Mar 2015 Bookbyte paid me the price they cited and kept me informed of their process. I will gladly use them again.
Mar 2015 It is true that they are very slow in paying but I have always got paid the full balaance that was promised. Also the customer service department was always friendly and helpful
Mar 2015 Almost a month to get paid from when I mailed, but paid what quoted.
Mar 2015 Based on the mixed reviews I was hesitant to use Bookbyte. Did decide to give them a try and everything worked fine. A bit slow in the paying department (you can check when your books are Accepted) but I did get paid and for the full value of what I expected. I will use them again.
Feb 2015 Sometimes a tad slow but I always get paid!
Feb 2015 There are many companies to choose from when selling back books. I would not recommend Bookbyte. I "sold" my book back to bookbyte at the end of December. By Mid to early February I have still not heard anything back from Bookbyte. So I contacted Bookbyte. Their response was that my order was denied due to "missing pages". The book was purchased brand new at the beginning of the Fall semester and sold in December. When the book was shipped it had all pages. Don't know what happened to it that pages were "missing". I asked for proof of the missing pages, but have received no response. They owe me over $100. To a student that's a significant amount. They instead gave me $0 and took my book (I'm assuming so they can resell). There are many companies to choose from when selling back books. I would not recommend Bookbyte. The extra money is not worth the lack of communication and the risk of losing your book and your money.
Bookbyte Response: We apologize for any inconvenience. Our Buyback policy does state that we do not purchase books that are missing pages. It does appear that the order was actually paid out even though it was received was missing pages. Your check should arrive to you in 3-7 days.
Feb 2015 I am satisfied with the transactions I have made with Bookbyte.
Jan 2015 I used to love them. Honest, fast and accurate. I had an order from OCT and they claimed they have never received the book. Call FEDEX and they said it went back to their address b/c their label is wrong. REFUSED TO reply to any of my emails after i emailed a few times. The problem is NOT FIXED, search and pay on your terms right? NO, they chose to ignore your messages. What a Rip and it's a 12 bucks book so imagine if u sell on amazon that's going to be 30 bucks and up, at least. I better try someone else too in the future, unless you have choice then use them or else.
Bookbyte Response: We apologize that this order has not been paid. Unfortunately we're unable to pay for books that are not received. There is no tracking on the label that we had provided. We had previously asked for proof of delivery and did not receive a response. If you have proof from FedEx showing this package was received at our warehouse, please send that information to us so we can have this issue resolved.
Jan 2015 I shipped my book and I didn't get any e-mails or any notifications and then I got my book back without a reason why it was rejected.
Bookbyte Response: Our records indicate that this book was rejected as we received a different ISBN from what we had quoted you for. The book was returned to you at the address on your Bookbyte account.
Jan 2015 I mixed up my packing slips with my orders, but they emailed me back immediately and are going out of their way to make sure my orders still get processed right. I've never had a problem with them yet, and I love their bonus % back promo codes!
Jan 2015 they lied about the quote for my book. they told me that it would be $49, and when they got the book they said it was worth $5, the book was new never been used with all discs. this is one place i will never send my books to again.
Bookbyte Response: Our records indicate that we had accepted both books at the quoted price for this order. The total payment for the order was $64.50 which was the full quoted price when the order was placed.
Dec 2014 Process was simple and all books were purchased for the quoted price. Could use some better feedback about order status.
Dec 2014 Pretty Pleasant Transaction.. Did receive Quoted Price.. However, they received my books on 12/16, contacted them on 12/23, and they finally processed my order,but I didn't receive payment until 12/29.. I do understand a few days considering the Christmas Holiday, but 13 days to process??? I may use again, but really hope they can do better... All and all, thanks...
Bookbyte Response: We apologize for any delay in processing. Per our Buyback policy, processing times may be slightly longer during peak seasons.
Dec 2014 It took more than two weeks to get my money back, however, they bought my book for a good price.
Dec 2014 I sold back a book to Bookbyte, and they sent the payment to the wrong recipient through Paypal. After a long going back between Paypal and Bookbyte, they've decided not to fix their mistake and refuse to pay me. Pick a different company, this one is unhelpful and rips off students.
Bookbyte Response: If the Paypal option is chosen for a Buyback order, we issue the payment to the Paypal email address that is provided to us at the time of purchase. If you entered an incorrect Paypal address and the payment was accepted by someone else, you would unfortunately need to contact to have the issue resolved. If you are unsure if the payment was accepted to another account, please let us know so we can have the payment resent to the correct account.
Dec 2014 Shipped 12 books from TN on Friday Nov 28, 2014. Never received any email notification from Bookbyte indicating whether books were received in OR. But on Wednesday Dec 10, 2014, I received email notification from PayPal that Bookbyte had sent me $145.05, which was the full amount of their original offer.
Dec 2014 I have been using bookbyte for over 2 years. Bookbyte is one of a my favorite companies that I truly trust. I have a handful of companies that I trust. If they say they will pay you or refund you, or ship your books, you can have confidence at their words. Even if their words are hard to hear, Bookbyte, in my honest opinion, will not cheat you. Their words are gold. I have had many good and some bad, but they are honest. If they reject your books, it's because the books are not saleable. They are in this business to make money. Thank you Bookbyte
Sep 2014 Seller rejected books and has a policy not to return them. I wonder if they will resell them anyway?
Bookbyte Response: Books that are rejected are either donated or recycled. We reject books that can not be resold or do not have any resale value therefore these items are donated or recycled.
Aug 2014 I love doing business with these folks and I've done plenty of it. The turnaround isn't super fast, but they have been more than fair in accepting books that were definitely used. Some times I get half-price for a certain disheveled book, but half-a-loaf is better than as is the case with most other booksellers I deal with. If you have a question or complaint, a Bookbyte representative responds quickly. On numerous occasions I have sold to Bookbyte even when they are offering less for a certain book. I just have a higher comfort level.
Jul 2014 Sent my book the day after I received a quote. They did pay what they quoted but I wasn't surprised because my book was in great condition. Didn't receive payment for a month! Very slow service and I will never use this company again!
Bookbyte Response: Once a check is sent, it can take 3-7 business days for the check to arrive via USPS. If you choose to be paid via Paypal, payment is issued within 1-2 days of the order being processed.
Jun 2014 Just received the check in the mail in a timely manner. Very satisfied.
Jun 2014 Will use again, paid amount in full and responds to emails promptly. It just took over two weeks for the transaction to occur-longer than other companies.
Jun 2014 This book company will not pay.I sent off a order over three weeks ago and they have received it and have only offered excuses since.The book quote was over $100.They also have no physical phone number as well.Seller beware.
Bookbyte Response: Our Buyback prices are based on the ISBN that is on the book we receive. If there was an issue with the price upon receipt, we'd be happy to look into it. Please respond with your Buyback order number.
May 2014 Slow but they paid me what they quoted. I recently sold a large number of books to three different vendors. I had checks from the other two within a week, bookbyte took fourteen business days and several support emails to pay up. That said they were never rude and paid me what they quoted in full... eventually.
May 2014 i have been selling books online to different companies for over a year. I ALWAYS get paid. This is the first time I used book byte. Sent in two books. They never sent an email indicating they received books or processed books. Finally logged into my account to discover they rejected the books. I had sent several books to other companies at the same time as sending books to Bookbyte. Got emails from ALL other companies and received full payment from all other companies, even for 1 books which was questionable. I will never use bookbytes again, even if they are offering more than other companies.
May 2014 Bookbyte is a great company to deal with. I have sent them books and they have received and processed them without a problem. They sent me my check immediately after processing my order.
May 2014 I keep sending and they keep paying . The most dependable of all the sellers I've dealt with. very very dependable.
Apr 2014 Sold a couple of books, had a great experience and there were no problems. They processed the books the same day they were received, and paid via paypal two days later.
Mar 2014 Have had numerous transactions and never any issue. Full quoted payments, and reasonably quick about it.
Feb 2014 Paid as agreed. No complaints.
Jan 2014 I have sent books to Bookbyte a few times. I never had a problem. My books were in good shape, and in return I got exactly what stated in the quote. I wonder if all those one star ratings are published by competitors, or by people that sends in books that should be thrown in the garbage.
Jan 2014 First and foremost, I would like to tell everyone to not listen to those who gave negative feedbacks. The reason why I say this is because I myself was very hesistant to send books to Bookbyte at first, due to the negative feedbacks but I did it anyways to give them a chance. Well, it turns out, BOOKBYTE IS AWESOME! I got the exact amount of money they quoted to me and I got it fast too. I was expecting them to take off at least half the amount because my most expensive book was in bad condition but nevertheless they gave me the full amount. THANKS BOOKBYTE! I just want to say if your book was in worse condition than mine you should probably not even get paid for it. [Just saying] Thanks again Bookbyte.
Dec 2013 Great service, sent multiple books and payment was received within 24 hrs
Dec 2013 At the end of last semester I spent quite a bit of time finding out where to sell my books back. I went to the BBB website of several sites and based on what I saw and my recent experience with bookbyte I have come to the conclusion that these companies are not going to steal your books. The negative reviews are likely to be from competing companies.I even went as far as videotaping myself taping up the boxes with the books in it showing the ISBNs in my car before going into FedEX to ship them to have something in case I did not get paid. I now see it was a big waste of time. The only thing that matters would be price of the books ofcourse, the location (how far you have to ship the books), and the payment options. My experience with bookbyte: shipping from OH to Oregon took 7 days. 5 days later (3 business days) the quoted amount was in my paypal account. I also shipped books @ the same time to (they don't offer paypal they offer paper checks). From OH to KY took 3 days for them to receive the books, they got processed same day and I was instantly updated, however I am still waiting for the paper check to arrive. They say it can take up to 10 business days for the check to arrive and it's not an overestimation. At the end of next semester i will be focusing on companies that pay the most, offer paypal payments, and whose locations are not too far. I will not worry about not getting paid.I hope this helps out.
Dec 2013 After reading some of the reviews I was hesitant in sending by textbooks to bookybyte. Understanding that bad news sometimes travels faster than good news; I took a chance. They offered the best refund for by book. I kept track of the shipping and processing time they quoted. The result: they were a day early and gave me the full price that they quoted. I have no complaints. They did as they promised. Thank you!!!