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Feb 2015 Very fast payment. Received the quoted price. Was notified by email when my items were received and the payment was processed. Very positive experience!
Jan 2015 Didn't have any problems with the buyback as I got full value which I was quoted. I did take like 1 week to arrive to the warehouse processing and it took about 1 week for payment to arrive. Aside from that, had a good experience with them and will likely do business again with them in near future.
Jan 2015 I don't usually send reviews, and people generally only go out of their way to file complaints rather than give positive feedback. I used Textbookrush.com, I shipped the books on 1/13/15, they arrived on 1/20, processed my order 1/21, and deposited in my Paypal on 1/22. I'm in Alaska, too, so delivery is a little longer, still not bad. They surprised me with $5 bonus for selling three or more books, and paid my shipping through Fedex for free! I was given exactly as I was quoted!!! I also dealt with customer service by phone and live chat to find out the status of my order, and both were simple.
Jan 2015 Was quoted 31 Dec, book was received 8 Jan, received check a day or two later. Received check in the exact amount quoted.
Jan 2015 TextbookRush is my favorite place to sell books. They're usually at or near the top of the buyback price list and they're very fast. No issues so far!
Jan 2015 Immediate payment. True professionals. Trustworthy buyer.
Jan 2015 I have had some bad experiences with other buy back book vendors, but TextbookRush was GREAT. Communication was excellent and I received FULL payment within a week of shipping my books to TextbookRush!!!
I HIGHLY recommend TextbookRush and definitely will use them again.

Thank you TextbookRush for a pleasant book selling transaction. You are truly "best in class" in the book buyback business.
Jan 2015 I absolutely loved my experience with this company. I was kind of nervous because I never used them before, but I needed actual cash and not what Amazon provides. They also gave better prices overall, or at least comparable, to Amazon. My books were received and processed quickly. I got 3 emails in one day about them processing my books, which was nice.

I have read reviews on here and I literally laugh. You have had to have something seriously screwed up with your books for them not to accept them. I had one with ALL kinds of highlighted pages (I'm a law student) and two that had curled in corners. The other one was a used text book in relatively okay condition, the cover was starting to fade and had HUGE "Used" textbook stickers. Actually 3 of my 5 were 3 timed cycled used books at least. So, either these people are lying and down playing the damage on their books or something because I promise you mine weren't in the 100% best condition and I received full quoted price.

I am and will use this company in the future.

Their customer service if you do call was very pleasant and straight to the point. I did not email them because I felt my question was better asked if I called because I was confirming an email address for paypal.
Jan 2015 Shipped book and phone on 12/26/14 and the money was in my PayPal account on 12/31/14! Great communication all the way. HIGHLY recommend!
Jan 2015 I purchased book 3 month ago on 9/12/2014 and didn't have a chance to use it until now 12/20-2014. It's a alternative book and I understand from description that it could be different from original publisher, but it is nowhere on their site states that it would be much worse quality than original. The pages are very very thin and you can see throw them and it's ok, but when pages just start falling off is not ok.
Dec 2014 I also sell my textbooks to this company. Great experience!
Dec 2014 Yet Another Great Transaction!!! Shipped on Saturday 12/20, and was paid on Wednesday 12/24.... Was Paid FULL Quoted Amount... I'm definitely gonna stick with these guys... They Are Awesome!!! Highly Recommend!!!!
Dec 2014 The best around
Dec 2014 Great Transaction... Great Service!!!!
12/12/14 (11:12 am) -- Received Quote and Shipping Label.
12/13/14 (10:30 am) -- Hand packaged Books off to FedEx Driver.
12/16/14 (12:09 pm) -- Received email that my books had been received.
12/16/14 (1:14 pm) -- Received email that my books had been checked in.
12/16/14 (4:02 pm) -- Received email that my payment had been processed.
12/16/14 (4:08 pm) -- Received email that my payment had been sent.
So, will I use these guys again, "I THINK SO!!!"
Dec 2014 could not be more pleased. Sent them a large box of 20 books and had full payment in my paypal account 5 days After I shipped it. 5DAYS. !!! WOW. This has happened a dozen times with shipments I've sent off to them.
Nov 2014 Fantastic experience. I did not have any problems . Everything was perfect !
Oct 2014 Textbook rush is a very reliable place to sell your books to. ive used them twice and was paid about a week later after they recieved the books both times. I'd recommend them over any of the others for sure.
Oct 2014 They are seriously THE ABSOLUTE BEST book buyers of anyone out there, nobody is even close second! And no, I am not with their company- I'm one who has sold probably 80-90 textbooks to them over the last year and every single time my payment is sent to PayPal literally 3-4 days after I drop it off at FedEx! Never has been a problem or issue about book condition when receiving payment. People seriously, go with this company- cut my balls off if I'm lying or am wrong! But for real, they are exceptional and the fastest payment of any book buyers, along with usually the highest prices paid.
Oct 2014 Great site. Got every cent that I was quoted.
Sep 2014 Excellent service! Very quick to check in books and send out payment. Kept informed by email. Got exactly what was quoted. I'm still waiting on two other vendors to check in my books that were sent the same day!
Sep 2014 Great experience with this company. Processed and paid me a few days after receiving my books. Using Fedex is a plus. I got email notifications throughout the whole process. Definitely will use them again!
Sep 2014 I always choose textbook rush if available even if another company would buy my book for $1-10 more. They're reliable, considerate on the condition of the book, pay their quote price, and give instant updates (when they receive it, checked in, sending check) unlike other companies where you have no idea what's going on. They're also fairly faster than others.
Sep 2014 Sellers beware- think twice before selling your books to this company. I have been using TextbookRush.com for quite a while and always have impressed with their quick service. Unfortunately, they decided to pay me $18 less for a book saying it was the wrong ISBN version of the book. I buy and sell books as a side job and deal only with ISBNs on the back of the book so this discrepancy would not happen. Saying they were too big of a company for him to look at the book in question is telling me they are are not the right company for me to use in the future.
Aug 2014 Fantastic company! I ship books very regularly and have rarely had a problem with TextbookRush. Shipped over 100+ textbooks over the past 2 years and have only had a few negative experiences, which they were very quick to correct. Will continue to use!
Aug 2014 A formerly OK company has now gone bad. They quoted me a buyback price of $54.50 for two of my books plus a $5 bonus, but between the time I submitted the order and their email back to me, they lowered the price of the two books to $0.10 and removed the bonus $5. No telephone # listed and their response to my emails was basically "we can't do anything" in their unfriendly, unhelpful, cut and paste reply. Avoid them!
Aug 2014 I have made about 10 transactions with textbook rush over the last 2 years. I have never had one problem and I have always be paid very promptly. Recommend highly!
Aug 2014 I sent 5 books for buyback knowing 2 of them were in less than stellar condition. They ended up buying 3 at the quoted price and mailed back my 2 books that they decided not to purchase. I've read reviews about other websites not returning rejected books textbookrush returned mine without me having to ask.
Aug 2014 I have had two positive transactions with Textbooks Rush and would recommend them to anyone.
Aug 2014 Fantastic experience. I have worked in the buyback industry for three years and these guys are doing it right. Wouldn't recommend they change anything. Easiest, fastest, smoothest buyback experience i have had.
Jul 2014 I have been solely using this company for my buybacks for over 2 years now. They have always payed me the quoted price. I like that I get a email when they get my books and one when they are checked in and another when they pay. They seem to always pay me within a day of check in! Bonus is free FED EX shipping on all orders over $35. They get the books faster than media mail. Thumbs up!
Jul 2014 I have made 4 transactions with them and they have been very satisfactory. Great customer service, fast processing of payment and honors the quoted price. On my 5th transaction now and looking forward for future transactions with them.
Jul 2014 Got exactly what they quoted me! quick and easy!
Jul 2014 just sold a book to textbook rush. process went smooth and check sent very quickly for full amount quoted. great transaction.
Jul 2014 TextbookRush is awesome! They paid what they promised and they paid my paypal account the same day they processed my books. Super fast turn around!! I will only sell to TextbookRush from here on out!
Jul 2014 Every order submitted was paid but always with them stating that some books were not submitted. On two orders thus far the books were found once customer service was called and the books were tracked. They were paid once found. Still waiting on one book to be found which was submitted. It keeps you on your toes... Overall they do pay on a timely basis.
Jul 2014 Just want to say that I've been having a great experience with Textbookrush over the past month. Everything I've sold has been paid for accurately and quickly and I have made a lot of money
Jun 2014 I had a problem with my mail not being forwarded to my new house after a move, and after the post office's mistake, the company was kind enough to reissue a different check so that I did not lose out because of a mail issue.
Jun 2014 On May 30th I sent two books as buybacks and the quote was $89.61 for both books. I sent the books out but started to doubt I would ever get any money for them when I read several negative reviews regarding the company. However, I remained vigilant, contacting the company several times by phone and email to ensure I would receive the stated quote considering my books were in great condition, and sure enough, I received several responses back, all positive. My check for $89.61 arrived Monday, June 16th.
Though the process can take awhile considering shipping and processing times, and the check takes between 7-10 days to arrive, I am really satisfied with Textbookrush and I appreciate the call back I received from a very diligent employee (whom I believe was a supervisor). Also for every email I sent, I did get a reply back, and an honest one at that.

If you are looking to send your books to this company and receive money for the buyback, I would definitely recommend this organization. Textbook Rush stuck to their word, and I did get a very fair price for the two books I sent in.

Thank you Textbook Rush for treating me so well with this transaction.
Jun 2014 Holy speeding tickets, Batman!!!

This place is fast, fast, fast.

6/12/14----I accepted my quote around noon. I dropped it off at Fedex around 3 pm.

6/16/14----My book was delivered according to Fedex at 10:13 am.

6/17/14----I got an email from TextbookRush that my book was received at 12:11 pm. I got another email that my book was checked in and my quoted amount approved at 1:00 pm. I received the next email at 3:39 pm that my payment was processed. The last email came from TextbookRush via Paypal that my payment was in my account at 3:57 pm.

I got my payment in 5 days and that includes a weekend where the book sat at Fedex. Unbelievable service!!!!!

Jun 2014 Check was sent quickly and they accepted all my books. Emails were sent to update the processing.
Jun 2014 I was a little nervous about the whole process, since I have never sold books online before. It was great! A few of the books were rejected, but I appreciated that they provided pictures of the damaged items. Payment was prompt, and I look forward to doing more business with this vendor.
Jun 2014 I have sold TextbookRush several books and I am very pleased. I will take less money for books just to deal with this company.
Jun 2014 Beware. I sent in my book and they said it was damaged and they could not buy it. They did return a book (as a one time courtesy they said) however it was NOT my book. It was a total switch and I received a unsalable book. I believe they did not want to pay the price quoted. I have used others for sale backs with no problems. I suggest you check them out and avoid this site!
May 2014 I received payment for the full price of my quote within a week of shipping my books to this vendor. No books were rejected, and the whole process was simple and seamless. I highly recommend TextbooksRush.com.
May 2014 what a joke... they take books and then pay a third of what they owe. weak said my books were damaged when they weren't. I'll never use them again. gave me 60$ for 200$ worth of books.
May 2014 Sent in my books ... payment by check was received within a week. Now that's GREAT service!! Would not hesitate to sell with them in the future.
May 2014 The only place I trust selling my books to. Fantastic
Apr 2014 It took them one day to process the books once received and pay via paypal. I had a great experience with them and there were no problems.
Apr 2014 Great buyback experience so far. Very transparent (emails at every step from receipt to payment), and payments are sent usually within 48 hours of books being delivered. Highly recommended

My one caveat is that you cannot submit multiple buybacks for the same book. They will cancel the subsequent transactions
Apr 2014 Reliable. pays on time. has maintained wonderful professionalism in their business. Highly recommended.
Mar 2014 Extremely satisfied with the sale A++
Sold 2 engineering books for $210, paypal
Feb 2014 Transaction went smoothly, books were sent in good condition and the people at textbooksrush.com were prompt acknowledging the receipt, processing the books, and issuing the payment. Overall a flawless experience. Will be doing business with them again.
Jan 2014 This is by far the BEST book service company on the internet by a long shot, hands down! I sent them my books and got paid within days!!!!! Best part, they use FEDEX and I got notifications throughout the whole process of where my books were. And usually when you send books you think you will get paid in after weeks, but this company processes it within days. This is no exaggeration! I'am dead serious and recommend this TEXTBOOKRUSH too everyone! ^____________________^Thanks for excellent service for books on the net.
Jan 2014 Great for selling one or two books, not good if you sell a lot.

If you want to sell more than 1 copy of a book you have to email them and even then you can't be sure if they will approve it or not. Also they are pretty particular about the quality of the books you send in. If you send a perfect book with a a couple of highlighted pages they may reject it, and you'll have to bother them to get it sent back.
Jan 2014 Very fast and payment. I am very pleased
Jan 2014 I nervously sent in a book that was worth over $130, after checking for any water damage, damaged covers, etc. (check their site's list of approved book conditions). I had a bad experience with past book vendors that jipped me on my money, saying they found water damage, when I checked thoroughly for such things beforehand. TextbookRush was very professional. I was sent an email for each stage of the process, from delivery confirmation, to the processing, to the money sent to Paypal. I will definitely sell to this place again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book vendor.
Jan 2014 Whoa….in a very good way!
I was considering an Amazon trade-in because of an email I received from them. I entered the Math text book ISBN and I was happy to see a $150 trade-in value, not necessarily happy about the payment on an Amazon gift card. I intended to send it in but waited….About a week later, I was looking online for ideas to make CASH (quick and legit). I came across this site (bookscouter) on a blog. I entered the same ISBN of the Math text I was going to send to Amazon and saw CASH offers for the book….one was the same amount Amazon was going to give ($150) but cash into my paypal.

I have never done a tradein or buyback online so I read the reviews and went for it…..

-Wednesday January 1st: I discovered Bookscouter and Textbookrush

-Thursday January 2nd: I packaged the book and took it to a Fedex shipping center with the free shipping label.

-Tuesday January 6th: Fedex online tracking showed the book was delivered to textbookrush

-Wednesday January 7th: 10:13 am, I received email #1 saying they received the package but it had not been opened or processed yet.

-Wednesday January 7th: 11:35 am I received email #2 saying the book had been checked in, processed and I would receive payment ($150.25) the exact amount I was quoted ) via paypal in 1-2 business days.

-Wednesday January 7th: 4:25 pm, I receive email #3 saying my payment had been processed through paypal.

-Wednesday January 7th: 4:27 pm, I receive email #4 from paypal saying I had received a payment from textbookrush.

6 days including the weekend from start to finish.

Thank you, Bookscouter and OUTSTANDING from beginning to end, Textbookrush!
Jan 2014 Great!!!
Jan 2014 So far the best Buyback company. Very fast shipping and very fast payment. Definitely recommend to every bookseller.
Dec 2013 This was my first time using a buyback service, and I've gotta say I'm quite satisfied. I've tried selling textbooks on my own but typically don't have any luck selling them. The high reviews from textbooksrush compelled me to try them. Service was straightforward and easy to use. Although this is the only service I've yet to use, I certainly recommend them.
Dec 2013 Great Experience with this company. The book arrived within 2-3 days it was promptly processed and money was credited to paypal the next day..... and this was during the holidays! Great Job!
Dec 2013 Perfect in every way. Fast payment!!! Will use again.
Dec 2013 got my payment right away after they received my book! exactly the price as quoted. got a way better price than what amazon would have offered (gift card only).
Dec 2013 I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience I had using TextBookRush. I went to their website on 12/13/13 to set up my order. I shipped my order on 12/15/13. They received my order on 12/17/13. I also received my payment on 12/17/13. Also, they sent email notifications every step of the way. Their service is amazing. This is the second time I have used them.
Nov 2013 Vouch for textbookrush. Snappy payment and easy shipping.
Oct 2013 Will use this company again. They gave me the quoted price and paid me eight days after I shipped the book to them.
Oct 2013 Great transaction. They paid the amount quoted, and the money was in my PayPal account the same day they received my books. Definitely will use them again!
Oct 2013 Excellent company!!! I received a quote, shipped out next day from UPS (free shipping) and in less than a week i received payment as promised. Now that's what I call business!! I used them twice and both times they were on point. They even keep you posted about your progress via email!!
Sep 2013 Have done several transactions with this company with great results. I really like that they use Fedex because it is more reliable! Processed and paid me a few days after receiving my books. A+ Rating!
Sep 2013 This company is great! They always process my books and issue payment very quickly. After several transactions there have never been any problems. All vendors should be more like TextbooksRush!
Sep 2013 Wonderful buyer. Prompt processing and payment.
Aug 2013 So far, the best book buyer I've worked with (and I've sent shipments to over a dozen this last month) Very, very prompt payment, the day after my books were received I had my payment in my PayPal account. No fuss, very easy.
Aug 2013 Over the last 2 1/2 years I have sent this company hundreds of books and been (promptly) paid many, many thousands of dollars. I send them more books than I send to any other purchaser. I have never had a book rejected. I send them books that meet their clear, and well defined guidelines, and they send me money - a perfect business arrangement.
Aug 2013 I have sold lots of books with this site and they are the best! Received payment via Paypal within a week of shipping books to them. This is my favorite buyback site by a long shot!
Aug 2013 Worst customer service. Big rip off, if your book is not purchased for any made up reason they will not return to you either. Big loss ........
Aug 2013 This place pays the best, has the best customer service and is the FASTEST payer. Nuff said!
Jul 2013 I still haven't received any emails about when I will be receiving my check. That's not fair.
Jul 2013 Seriously the fastest. I also used another company from Bookscouter and they took 2 weeks to get me my money whereas Textbooksrus got me paid within a few days. Once they got my books, appraised them, and I got payment all in one day. Can't beat the speed and for the most part, they pay the most too. As long as they don't change their methods, I'll be a happy customer.
Jul 2013 Twice, this has happened to me with them. I did a buyback with them and they refused to pay me for the book saying that it had water stains. I know my books did not have water stains. They offer to send your book back, if they can find it, for a fee of $3.99. I did that once and it was a badly stained book that they must have just pulled out of a pile that were to be trahed cause I know it wasn't the one I sent. I won't use their services again.
Jul 2013 Shipped textbooks, had money in my account one week later. Great communication. Would use again.
Jun 2013 Have been selling to this site for a while now and have never had a problem. Also, have never gotten less than they quoted.
Jun 2013 great service, they send email notifications and the price they quoted my books was the price I received. A check came in the mail about a week later. 5 stars
Jun 2013 I have used this place many times to sell books and I have had very few problems. They always have the quickest payment. Just make sure you follow the condition guidelines because they are not afraid to give you nothing for your books if there is something wrong with them.
Jun 2013 I would not recommend them! I used the ratings to select textbooksRus and was extremely disappointed. One book (a rather rare and difficult book to obtain) was rejected for "an incorrect ISBN" which was not true. The book came from a bookseller in Jerusalem which had put a number on the book jacket, but further attention would have shown that it was the same book originally listed with them, as that was how I obtained the ISBN. I want this book returned, but am told that it may not still be with them! I'm sure it was not tossed onto the trash heap and that they more than likely have already sold it. I will never do business with this company again and I would prefer all my books be returned but am sure they are already sold for a lot more money than they pay those of us who send them our books. Just a reminder that one can not always trust ratings. If they had an issue or question, I should have been contacted prior to their final action. I could have clarified any confusion.
Jun 2013 Textbookstus are the best!!!...I have bought and sold my textbooks back several times, best prices! they pay what the quote and they are very fast.
May 2013 Vendor delivered as promised and very quick. Used 4 different vendors and they were the fastest and paid as stated.
May 2013 Uses FedEx for shipping, so books get there fast and with tracking. Payment was really fast, too. I have used them several times and they are always the best! Thanks!
May 2013 Great company. I was lucky. I sold my book when it was at its peak price here. A few days later the buyback price dropped by about 40 bucks but I still got the quoted price. Be really careful because the prices change a lot. My book's price changed about 4-5 times. The company gave me a shipping label to print out and I just taped it right on the bubble wrap insulated envelope. I was able to track my book. Excellent company.
May 2013 Great compan! kept me informed on the buyback order status via email and super fast with payment. Definitely recommend company
May 2013 Either these people are hopelessly disorganized or they are rather dishonest. I sent in a large number of books, and they quoted me $38. When they processed my shipment, they claimed I did not send certain titles and that I sent more than one copy of other titles (odd, since like most people, I do not buy more than one copy of the same book). The result was a payment of $35.50. The different is not enough to bother complaining, but it is really fishy. Also, they sent an email listing the books they 'received', and the condition of some were marked 'used' and other marked 'new.' The bottom of the email told me to disregard the condition column. They didn't change what they paid me for my 'new' books, but I think they plan on selling some of my used books as if they were new. So.. I won't use them again, and I certainly wouldn't trust buying from them.
May 2013 Do not sell if your textbook is not in perfect condition. I sold a book (had been used but not terrible by any means) was quoted $60 and got nothing for it. Will not use again.
May 2013 excellent , they paid what was quoted, i shipped my books on monday and i was paid on friday ,
May 2013 Great site, very accessible and easy to work with. I got my payments shortly after sending the books.
May 2013 I sold books simultaneously to textbooksrus, textbooks.com, and powell's. Textbooksrus was by far the quickest with payment. They are awesome, sell books here first if they are offering on them.
Apr 2013 Great site.
Apr 2013 Extremely fast at checking the order and paying. A really great company.
Apr 2013 Paid quickly and paid exactly what was quoted. Quote was double what others offered. Easy to deal with-
Apr 2013 Always quoted the highest!!! Got paid exactly what I was quoted!! Super fast payment!! Highly recommended!