MyBookBuyer is the online book buyback service of Beagle Books. Beagle Books has been actively buying and selling books online since 1999. We are proud of having one of the highest feedback rating of any top tier Amazon Marketplace seller based on sales volume. The principal owners and management team at Beagle Books have blended their technical and business knowledge with a commitment to social responsibility with hopes of making a difference in this world. In addition to helping recycle over 1 million pounds of books in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Beagle Books have supported literacy projects, including donating textbooks that will ultimately help educate students in third world countries.

The success of Beagle Books stems from an unwavering philosophy of offering fair prices on the sale and purchase of used books. We offer what we believe to be one of the most aggressive buyback program and believe we buy back more titles and offer the most for those titles than any other bookstore or online buyer. We buy all categories of books, not just textbooks or a particular category of books.

Bottom line, we make selling textbooks and selling books online easy and convenient for you. Don't wait in long lines at the college bookstore to sell your used college books. It only takes a few seconds to find out what we will pay for your used books. If you like what you see, box up the books and ship it to us for FREE! We promise we'll pay cash for books fast. We'll pay you via Paypal or mail the check within 2 business days of receipt of books.

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Feb 2016 Great buy back site. They offer pretty good prices. I've used them a few times already and actually sent another shipment just yesterday! I had already left feedback on them but doesn't seem like it got posted. Anyways, every time I've use them so far they've sent me a check pretty quickly, only once did it take a little longer than usual for them to send the payment. Would recommend!
Feb 2016 Sold books to this website a couple times already and had a great experience. They offer pretty good prices compared to many other sites. Payment came on time too. Would recommend!
Jan 2016 I have been selling books here, for over 2 years and very rarely encountered a problem. I will continue to use MyBookBuyer.
Aug 2015 Sent two books and later on received a email saying "it was rejected due to different ISBN" but it was correct!! i even checked the amazon where i bought it at, and it was the same! This site is not trust-able! I do not recommend using this site to sell books.
May 2015 Shipped 3 books from TN. Never received email notification that books were received in CA. Nearly 3 weeks after shipping, I received email notification from PayPal that MyBookBuyer had sent me the full amount of their original offer.
Apr 2015 They are okay until you have a problem. Trying to get them to reissue a payment check which they say was mailed but I never received. Cannot reach them by phone (phone disconnected) or email to customer service (bounces back "mailbox full"). Have used for many years but won't use again.
Feb 2015 I use this company regularly as they will buy books other companies don't. Although they tend to take a bit longer to pay via check - they almost always send what is quoted. As long as you are not in a hurry to receive your money this is a great company and I will use them over and over!
Jan 2015 I'm pretty sure what was once a legitimate website has either turned into a scam or no longer exists and is being run by scammers. I sold books to this company in August 2014 and never got paid, but forgot about it and again sold books to them about a month ago. I have yet to receive any payment (several other companies have processed and paid me in the interim) and whenever I try calling their hotline, it tells me that I have qualified for a 100 dollar gift card and by pressing 1 I can claim it. There are literally no other options and nothing about the company on the recorded message. Pressing 1 transfers me to someone who hangs up on me when I ask anything about books. If someone else knows what is going on with this company, please write another comment! I'm not happy at all, as I'm out nearly 100 dollars......
Jan 2015 I have used this company a dozen times over the course of the last year and I have never had a problem. They have some great prices, they pay quickly and are easy to use. I will continue to sell books to them without hesitation.
Oct 2014 I sold books to My Book Buyer expecting fast payment and excellent customer service, which is stated on their website. Neither of these things happened. They received my books over a month ago and have updated the status on my account with them as paid on Oct.6th today is Oct.27th and still have not received payment. I have called their 1 (800) # for the last 2 weeks and it is disconnected. I emailed their contact us link to try to get a solution and was told sometimes the post office is really slow and when I asked about their phone being disconnected they said not to read into it. That was last week, this week I checked in again to find out where my payment is. They responded with you will get your check when the post office delivers it. I am frustrated with the lack of professionalism and also the horrible customer service. I can't believe their business practices or lack there of.
Two great places to sell books to are Powell's and Bookbyte, both fast and great customer service, stay away from Mybookbuyer if you want to get paid or treated with respect. I would actually give minus stars due to the rude response by email each time they have responded to me.
Oct 2014 I submitted two orders to this company. For nearly a month they claimed they did not receive my orders even though the delivery tracking said delivered and I called the post office repeatedly and they assured me the packages were both delivered. Then I could not get the company on the phone because they did not have a working phone. Then I tried to contact them through the website and the website was down also for weeks at a time. Then I finally get an email back from someone who was terribly rude to me and they blamed the post office and lied to me saying they never received my packages until that day which again was almost a month later. Lastly, when I received payment they did not pay me what the agreement was. They shorted me money for all kinds of fees that were not listed on their website or in my quote agreement. They are dishonest and they do not pay you what they say they will. Do not use this company. Also as noted above if you have an issue you cannot reach them by phone and there website usually does not work. It is impossible and very frustrating. Beware.
Oct 2014 I submitted a total of four orders to this company ; all of which have been short-paid with no explanation. The short pay on the cumulative orders was over $40.00. When I tried to contact them via their website e-mail - messaging , I never received a response . I called the telephone number they provide on their site , as well , and it was disconnected . I e-mailed their parent "Beagle Books " and have not received a response . Do not use this company - they will be reported to the Better Business Bureau !
Sep 2014 I sell books to this company on a regular basis. Service and price are always above average. A couple of months ago, a few payments were later than usual. I contacted them and the issue was resolved promptly and professionally. MyBookBuyer is on my preferred seller list.
Sep 2014 While I have used this company in the past with no problem, in July I sold them $27.75 worth of books that they say that paid me for on 7-23, I never got the money credited to my paypal account. At first they responded to my emails, saying they would look into it, then asking me to check again to be sure I never got and they would refer to accounting.
Then they stopped responding and 2 months later, I am still out my money and have lost faith that they are a reliable company. Use them with care, mine was a small order but if they can't be trusted to pay small amounts, I surely wouldn't trust them with a large book order.
Aug 2014 I followed the instructions and shipped my books to them with the prepaid shipping label and received a check for the full amount in less than 2 weeks. I'm very happy with their service and would use them again.
Jun 2014 After receiving an email stating that "I violated terms of sale" I have continued to question what terms of sale I supposedly violated to which I have now been told this "We apologize for any unintended inconvenience, however if a book does not meet our quality guidelines, this delays the process as it is reviewed by a second party committee to verify that the original evaluation was valid."

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, they do not admit when they make a mistake, and can't even keep track of what excuse they are using or why it took them 17 days to figure out that I either a. violated terms of sale or b. my books weren't in acceptable condition.

I have done business with this company in past with no problems and know which books they take, I would never have sent multiple orders had I not dealt with them in the past without problems.
Jun 2014 Just received notification that "Thank you for placing an order with Mybookbuyer. We regret to inform you that we have decided to reject the following orders due to a violation of our terms of sale:"

I didn't violate any rules they just don't want to pay or don't need the books anymore and are refusing to pay. I sent these books in good faith and planning to receive my over $400 worth of payment and now 15 days after receiving they are pulling this crap. I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.
Jun 2014 I have several books sent there that are almost a month old and have not been paid or checked in yet, when I contacted them I was told they get 100's of books in a week and they check them in as they come in, which of course I understand, but its been almost a month and at some point you need to catch up.
I have also had some that they actually paid but not the amount stated with no reasoning given to me.
Jun 2014 I had a very positive experience with My Book Buyer. Not only do they provide you with free shipping labels, but you have the option of getting a check or money sent to your PayPal account. I opted for the check, and as soon as they received my book, they sent me a confirmation, along with letting me know that my check was mailed out. The received my book on May 27th and I got my check on June 2nd!

May 2014 Great transaction. No complaints. I sold an unused access code from My Math Lab that I never used and got offered a really good price. I sent the complete code kit, postage paid by them, on May 14th and got paid directly to my Paypal account by May 25th. I think as long as what you sell is in promised condition you'll get paid.