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We have bought over 1.8 million books from 275,000 college students and other individuals since 2004. To show our commitment to outstanding customer service, we are a member of the review site TrustPilot.

Shipping your books to us is always free. Buyback orders worth at least $35 are eligible for a free FedEx shipping upgrade.

We issue payment via PayPal or Check within 3 business days of receiving and processing your books. As long as your books meet our book condition policy, we always honor the full price quote.

Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions. Our office is open Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time.

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Oct 2015 Excellent! Will do business with them again. They had the highest quoted price for my book. They mailed me a check for the full quoted price on the day they received my book. Very quick turn around.
Sep 2015 Quick processing and payment via PayPal! Would use again!
Sep 2015 This was my first experience using this vendor. Their quote for this particular book was twice as high as any other vendor and they paid their quoted price. Payment by mail came quickly. Will use this vendor again.
Aug 2015 Sold 5 books to cash4books, books were processed and payment sent quickly. Will use cash4books again.
Aug 2015 As a full-time book scout, I pretty much use all of the vendors here, and C4B is on my 'preferred vendor' list, thanks to using fast shipping (FedEx), and being one of the fastest vendors to pay out once it hits their receiving docks (usually within 2 business days). Communications are excellent.

I've sent over a dozen orders their way over the past 6 months, and all were paid without a hitch (and believe me when I say you cannot say the same for a few of the other vendors here!).

Aug 2015 Mailed items on 7/27/15. Received full quoted amount via PayPal on 7/31/15. Would use again!
Jul 2015 This is the second time they cancelled my sellback order due to a "glitch in the pricing system." Seriously, honor your quotes! I sell books to many other sites and I have never had this happen with any of them. I am VERY disappointed.
Cash4Books Response: Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. We manually review all price quotes offered by our automated system. If we find a discrepancy, we notify our customers right away so they don’t ship the order. We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding.
Apr 2015 Fast processing and payment on buyback. Smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
Apr 2015 Have used cash4books a few times now, has always went very smooth, and have always paid the quoted price, thanks cash4books.
Feb 2015 Transaction went smoothly
Jan 2015 Do not get involved with this company!! I can't say this enough. They are a scam! Sent them a book in great condition - no pages falling out. Received an email that they can not accept the book -"Page(s) are torn. Pages are not firmly attached to binding." Now they expect me to pay to have it returned. Wish I had checked reviews before selling to them. Now it has to cost me more to get the book back which means losing even more money! Again, stay away from Cash4Books!! By the way, I sold books to several other companies and so far have had no problems. Update: After sending them an email and getting involved, they offered to pay the return shipping. They also put pictures of the book on my account page to show me. I still don't trust them !
Cash4Books Response: We sincerely apologize that we were unable to purchase the book we received from you that did not meet our Used Book Condition Policy. We reached out to you via email to offer you a solution. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team at 1-877-243-5935.
Jan 2015 I have repeatedly done business with them without issue.
Nov 2014 I do not recommend you sell books to them. Constantly having "price glitches" where they quote something and give you shipping labels, and then email you and ask to cancel. Luckily I hadn't sent anything in that got cancelled, but if you sell to them you're risking a big waste of your time where they cancel it but your books are already in transit. Just go with another vendor until this place cleans up their act
May 2014 Quoted me the highest buyback price of 7 companies, upon receipt of the book they emailed and refused to accept my book due to a computer gliche on their end. Plus side they sent my book back for free and gave me 10% coupon for future use but BuyBack season peak time has now passed and so have prices. Essentially they tied up the possibility of me selling my book at the most opportune time for an optimum price. My book is still being purchased by 3 of the 7 original companies at a $25 decrease in the highest quoted amount. Not happy but i may use a different and personally reputable company in the future if prices are within a reasonable amount to avoid this delay in selling again.
Cash4Books Response: We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused and we would be happy to discuss further solutions with you. Please call our Customer Care Team at 877-243-5935 so we may assist you.