BookScouter Mentioned on MSN Money

BookScouter was mentioned today on the MSN Personal Finance Site. The bookscouter mention was on tip 5 and related to de-cluttering your home and selling your used books back online.

So welcome to you new visitors. I hope that you’re able to reduce some clutter around your home and make some money while doing so.

One Response to “BookScouter Mentioned on MSN Money”

  1. Tom Wahlman says:

    I like and use BookScouter and recommend it to other people.

    I suggest you highlight book buyers that do not return books even at the sellers expense and request because it seems that such buyers are trying to get these perfect books for the price of postage.

    I received notice from Blue Rocket Books this week that they received my books then in only seconds they evaluated these books as no good and said that they would be recycled.

    Even a computer can not send these two emails in 24 seconds of each other as well as examine the books. I contacted Blue Rocket Books and was just plain told off by a Lisa.

    I will check other buyers that may have the same policy of keeping books although the seller will pay the return postage and avoid them.

    Book Scouter is great and I look forward to selling more books there.

    Thank you,
    Tom Wahlman

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