BookScouter Site Redesign – What You Should Know

October 11th, 2014

The last time that we redesigned the BookScouter site was clear back in April of 2010.   (It was really ugly before that.)

We’ve spent the past several months working on the new design and think that the new look is a huge improvement that makes the site look much more modern.  None of the functionality has changed, but you may find some links in slightly different places.  We’ve spent the last week fixing some minor bugs that were introduced with the redesign and listening to your request for changes based on how you used the site.  We’ve got a few more minor things that we’d like to clean up, but everything should be running pretty well now.

One thing that may not be obvious came from suggestions from users.  You said that the pricing information should be moved up on the page so as not to require scrolling to see the prices.   We wanted to keep the format as it was for new users, so if you simply sign into your free account, there is now a setting  that says “Hide Featured Vendor, moves pricing table higher on the page, limiting page scrolling, and hides FAQs.”.   Selecting “Hide” next to this setting will show the book information on the left side of the page, and the prices on the right side, further up the page

As always, please feel free to Contact Us if you have any more comments or suggestions.  We are also getting more active on Facebook, so you can interact with us and others there as well.

Slight Change to BookScouter Bulk Functionality

August 4th, 2014

Since its inception, the Bulk Lookup Tool for BookScouter Pro users has had a quirky behavior if you started to process a second list before the first one was completely finished the two lists would get partially combined.

We’ve just released a change that will fix this behavior so that it works more as expected. When you upload a list of ISBNS, the resulting screen will display only prices from that list. It no longer combines the prices from multiple lists

Historic Data

August 4th, 2014

Would you like to gain access to BookScouter’s daily pricing data? BookScouter now has historic data available for purchase. A daily data file contains every price that is shown on the website.

Contact us about pricing and a sample to try it out!

Each file is gzipped CSV with the following columns:

  • Vendor ID
  • ISBN
  • Price
  • Timestamp

Sample Data:
24,0809129795,1.25,2014-08-04 00:00:00
54,0691122946,1.05,2014-08-04 00:00:01
24,0691122946,1.00,2014-08-04 00:00:01
47,1416589228,1.74,2014-08-04 00:00:01
12,1418548200,1.25,2014-08-04 00:00:02
11,1111347174,4.58,2014-08-04 00:00:02
12,1111347174,54.25,2014-08-04 00:00:02
18,1111347174,18.50,2014-08-04 00:00:02
16,1111347174,51.25,2014-08-04 00:00:02

BookScouter Mentioned on WallStCheatSheet

June 23rd, 2014

BookScouter was featured in the article, “6 Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving the House” found on Their six suggestions include recycle, have a garage sale, teach lessons, sell used books, open an Etsy store, and rent a spare room.

Full Article:

New Site:

January 30th, 2014

We’re happy to announce the third new site that we’ve added this month. is the latest addition. This company is based in Atlanta and seems to have some very competitive pricing.

Please give them a try if you have the chance, and make sure to leave feedback after you’ve tried them out.

Three New Sites Added

January 11th, 2014

It has been a busy week, as we’ve added three new book buyback websites to They are,, and Marathon Books

Please give these new companies a try, and leave feedback for them after your transaction has been completed to help others know about them.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Textbooks in the Best Condition

September 5th, 2013

If you have just bought new textbooks for the semester, make sure you are keeping your books in the best condition to get the highest prices when you sell them back. The following is a list of the top 10 ways to keep your textbooks in the best condition during the semester.

  1. Organize Your Backpack – It is best if you can avoid using a backpack, but if you can’t, arrange the contents so that it will cause the least amount of wear on your books.
  2. Waterproof Your Backpack on Rainy Days – If you know it is going to rain, line your backpack with a plastic grocery bag. Use two just to be safe. Soaked textbooks are a quick way to drop in condition.
  3. Find Other Ways to Highlight – Use Post-It notes or write notes in a separate handbook with references to where the passage was found. Even one highlight will lower your book’s sellback price.
  4. Eat and Drink From a Safe Distance – Avoid these accidents by simply keeping food and drink at a safe distance. You will thank yourself.
  5. Only Open Additional Resources if Needed – Many books come with CDs or packets. If your teacher does not require you to use these resources, keep them sealed.
  6. Cover Hardback Books – Hardback books are kept in much better condition if properly covered. By making the cover, you can personalize it in a fun way too. Be sure not to make the cover too tight or too loose.
  7. Remove Jacket Covers – Some books come with a jacket cover. This can actually become a nuisance to you, as they tear easy. Simply store the cover in a safe place until you return the book. A fresh jacket cover will make your book look brand new.
  8. Do Not Store on the Floor – There is a lot of dust and things that are not seen easily on the floor. Avoid laying your books down on it if possible.
  9. Lay Books Flat in Storage – If you have room, storing your books while laying flat will better protect the corners from being bent.
  10. Use Proper Packaging – You are responsible for returning the book in the same condition. If your book is damaged while being delivered, you will still get a lower price. When you ship your books back, make sure they are securely packaged.

Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Textbooks

August 22nd, 2013

A recent article on suggests that timing can drastically affect how much cash you get back when you sell your textbooks. In fact, due to the Laws of Supply and Demand, the week of August 20th is the best time of the year to sell your used textbooks. Research shows that sale prices during this week can increase by as much as 20%.

In an effort to maintain enough supply to meet the Fall-Semester demand, book-buyback companies featured on BookScouter are currently in fierce competition for students’ textbooks. As a result, prices offered to you are at an annual high.

Now is the time to take advantage of the textbook buyback season. By using BookScouter, you can maximize the immediate sales for your used textbooks. Go out and get some cash.

A review of the BookScouter Android Application

July 20th, 2013

This week, I wanted to give a more detailed review of the BookScouter Android Application, and explain how you can use it to buy inexpensive books and resell them for a good profit. The app performs the same basic functions as the website, but since you can use it anywhere, it is the perfect tool for retail arbitrage with the millions of books that can be readily found.

The BookScouter App can scan barcodes using the device’s camera in real time. By adding a Bluetooth barcode scanner, it can use the Serial Magic App to speed up the process significantly. After the barcode is scanned, the app displays the prices that preferred vendors on will pay you for the book as soon as they receive it.   All of these companies  pay for the shipping so there are no more costs to you other than the price of the book.

I took a little trip to two local thrift shops in search for books to resell at a profit. Using the BookScouter App, I scanned a good number of the stores’ books.  I found newer text books to be the most profitable, so I focused my search around those. After an hour of hunting, I found six items that I could buy for $0.50 to $4.00, and which I could immediately resell for prices between $5 and $33. After spending $15 on four text books and two health food books. After selling my items, I am set to gain a margin profit of $100.

The BookScouter Android Application runs on any compatible device. It requires internet connectivity to function, and can be installed by searching for “BookScouter” in the Android Marketplace.

Amazon sellers now can use to help increase your feedback score

April 27th, 2013

I am very happy today to announce the general availability of This tool allows Amazon sellers to automate messages to their buyers based on a number of criteria including SKU, ASIN, Item Condition, and Fulfillment Channel. Sellers can create custom messages to buyers using any combination of those attributes, or you can just use a generic message that is sent to everybody.

Messages are composed using a free-form email editor where you can write your message with any structure that you’d like. The email editor allows you to use over 25 variables in you messages as well so that you can include things like the product name, shipping carrier, tracking number, and links to various pages on Amazon that are specific to the buyer’s order.

In addition to the flexible order selection criteria and email editor, the service also allows greater customization of when the message is sent than any other tool available. You can choose to send the message immediately, or up to 12 weeks after the order was placed, shipped, or delivered. We use actual tracking information from the various carriers in order to ensure that messages are sent to the buyer on the same day that the order is delivered. This means that you can politely ask your buyers to leave you seller feedback in a message where you provide actual useful information to them as well.

I’ve been using this tool internally for months now, and have seen our own feedback rates increase from around 6% of all orders to the 10-12% range, effectively doubling the amount of positive feedback that we receive. That means that any negative feedback left only has half the negative impact on your overall seller score.

The site also helps you to proactively manage those occasional negative feedbacks as well. You can choose to receive SMS and detailed email notifications within minutes of a buyer leaving negative or neutral feedback on Amazon. This allows you to respond to the buyer’s problem right away, leaving them with a better experience and being more willing to remove that negative feedback.

We are really happy with this new feedback management service and are excited to make it available now to any seller. It is free to try out for an entire month, and is free for small sellers who send fewer than 50 messages per month. Pricing plans are reasonable and based on usage so you don’t end up paying a high monthly rate.

As always, please Contact Us over at if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. Your responses help us to continue to develop the highest quality tools for e-Commerce sellers.

Visit for more specific information, a short product tour, and to sign up for your free trial.